On Wednesday at Satish Dhawan space centre in Sriharikota,Andhra Pradesh,The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) contributed another page to the history books, when 104 satellites are launch in one go. it seems that if the country will be nearly creating new world record and soon will over take the world in space technology.

Not only the country was most awaited for the giant leap but even in abroad this was the common topic worldwide everyone was anxiously waited for the tremendous event to be inaugurated.

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According to reports an ISRO official said that “After lift-off, the first satellite to go into orbit will be the indigenous Cartosat-2 series followed by two Isro nano-satellites,” the mission coded in deploying the satellites in one shot go and in sucha way that they don’t collide with each other as it was risky and challenging mission.It  is scheduled for 9.28am.

The rocket for the record-breaking mission is the advanced version of the four-stage Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle designated PSLV-Xl. These 101 international nanosatellites were be deployed in quadpacks’, these quadpacks are like boxes and each of them will contain three or four satellites.

Before this the previous record was held by the Russian Space Agency with 37 satellites. earlier used in the ambitious Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM). This mission is the first of its kind to launch the maximum number of satellites.

All 104 satellites will be deployed in a 505km polar sun synchronous orbit at rapid intervals in a span of 28 minutes.

Everyone is saluting to ISRO and space scientist community for its remarkable tribute which will  upgrade the level and drive the country to interpolate its bench mark and set its dynamic standard in the world,first one was our prime minister Narendra modi congratulated to Isro chairman A S Kiran Kumar on phone and he replied that It is not about setting records.

It is primarily about improving our productivity to maximise our returns. Apart from the PM most of our bollywood celebs celebrated the record and saluted to our space scientists team for their seductive record breaking execution of satellites from them as usual first n foremost is the legendary Amitabh Bachchan,
he’s very active in the social sites congratulated the team and said “HOPE ONE DAY WE LAND ON MOON !” with his pic along with his son dancing together, many famous faces of bollywood joined him.
This breathtaking moment undoubtedly from the bottom of heart makes us say that WE ARE PROUD TO BE INDIAN and it makes us realise that  “it happens only in INDIA” we are part of it.