China says, signing NPT must for NSG bid, India rejects the condition


India today refused to accept China’s contention that it must sign the NPT to get membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

The DG of China’s Department of Arms Control, Wang Qun told reporters that there was no agreement on the NSG membership of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty countries like India.

He insisted that for a country as a member of NSG, signing of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is mandatory. However, this rule has not been set by China but by the international community, he said. Wang Qun also warned that ‘if exceptions are allowed here or there, on the question of NPT, the international non proliferation will fail altogether”.

The China’s anti-India stand clearly indicates that Chinese President Xi Jinping has not reacted to PM Narendra Modi’s urgings in Tashkent, that Beijing should support India’s case. Seeking China’s contention for India’s membership, Modi had insisted on Xi to make a fair assessment of India’s application.