March 10, 2018

New launched eyebrow pencil by Maybelline has made everyone very happy. In this post, I would tell you why. Firstly, Maybelline is one of the most affordable and popular brands in India which can be accessed by every one – from college student to office goers.

These days, thick, properly shaped brows are trending like anything. It can enhance your look tenfold. For a long time, black kajals or black brow pencils were available in the market in an affordable price tag and I cannot even start blabbering on how unnatural and made-up it looked when used on brows.

Finally, the Maybelline Fashion Brow Cream Pencil came out, with such an affordable price tag and that too with proper shades – brown and grey. I will be reviewing the shade Brown and here’s the detailed review on the eyebrow pencil.

How to Use Maybelline Fashion Brow Cream Pencil

  1. Shape your brows with the pencil.
  2. Use tiny and feather light strokes to fill in your brows.
  3. Price of Maybelline Fashion Brow Cream Pencil
  4. ₹00 for 0.78 g in India
    S$ 9.90 for 0.78 g in Singapore
    ₱ 99.00 for 0.78 g in Philippines


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By: Neha Singh

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