March 13, 2018

Summers are almost here and with the temperature ranging from 40C to 45C, the heat and the humidity takes a toll on skin.
On certain shoot days when I step out of the house and come back home later the same day, my skin feels greasy and dusty and after washing my face, I can’t make out why my skin looks unhealthy.
I have always taken care of my skin with the strict rules that I always follow which are- don’t step out in the sun without sunscreen and don’t sleep with your makeup on, but the saddest part is, nothing helps when the my skin gets exposed to the summer sun.After getting home and washing my face, it feels like I have come home from fighting a battle!

When our skin is exposed for longer period of time to Sun, dust, pollution and stress, the Oxygen levels in our skin decrease, leaving it dull. It also leads to dark skin spots, suntan, uneven skin tone and dead skin skills. We often don’t realize such things unless our skin has been halfway destroyed. How often do we get get bucked up because of dull skin? The face doesn’t seem radiant, and the constant exposure to sun takes away all the glow. Summers are harsh, sometimes not even sunscreen can help us! There are blemishes or uneven skin tones and the problem just keeps adding up!

My to-go solution for this problem has always been Oxybleach. It provides the radiance that my skin needs. Let me tell you that Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Crème bleach is infused with the German technology- Oxysphere that enables the Oxygen molecule to penetrate inside the skin which leaves it radiant. It is also infused with Glycerin that helps to brighten and nourish skin.

Hence, it is recommended to use Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Crème bleach in summers.


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By: Neha Singh

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