Why are Micro Weddings Trending?

August 22, 2018

Pushing the trend of big fat weddings backward are the micro weddings. Many couples have been taking up the idea of micro weddings and turning it into a reality to maybe cut the expenses or have personal interactions with the guests. Whatever may be the reason but the number of these weddings has gone up drastically.

What is a micro wedding?

In simple terms, it is a kind of wedding that has only handful of guests, is shorter in duration, relaxed in atmosphere and simple in format.

What are the advantages of micro weddings?

  1. Less Expensive

Since the guest list is as small as 15 guests, the couple can manage a good wedding in less money.

  1. Short

Most of these weddings are short as 2-3 hours thus, saving the couple a lot of time.

  1. Personal interaction with the guests

The couple can really interact with guests without any stress of time. This allows the couple to really be with key people in their lives on their big day.

This style of wedding offers less stress to the couple and allows them to enjoy their own wedding instead of running around with numerous issues.A recent example of a celebrity couple who had a micro wedding is Milind Soman and his wife Ankita Konwar.

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