Where Does India Stand in the World of Technology?

April 9, 2018

It would be right to say that India stands mid way in the world of technology. We are still a developing country. However, we have the resources man – and material but we do not lead technology since we lack in thinking about the technology we want to be ahead in technology.

However, following is one of the examples that show that we are not much behind in the race of technology.

Tata Motors’ Air-powered Car

This is ready to hit the market. Several engineering reports have claimed the new car of Tata Motors that is powered by compressed air technology will be capturing the market tight. Soon, in upcoming three years, the company will be launching its new air-powered car. The manufacturer has also completed the first phase of this project.

However, the company has started second stage but it is still incomplete. The detailed development of compressed air car is in process. Tata is aiming to launch a car that can boldly answer to environmental degradation and energy shortages. Air powered cars will be less in weight than other fuel cars as it is made up of aluminum. The car is said to be under weight of 907 kg. Hence, because of their less weight they will be more fuel efficient.

However, Tata has not revealed a lot about their forthcoming compressed-air car apart from general specifications. The Airpod concept in this air-car can be driven with the help of joystick. The production model of the Airpod in car will have a top speed of 65km/h and more. The new air car of Tata Motors will be game changing product as it will only cost Rs 70 Rs per 200 km.




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