What is Nipah Virus? – Why is It Dangerous?

May 23, 2018

What is Nipah Virus?

Naipah Virus is abbreviated as NiV. This virus is in news for the last 20 years. It is a deadly virus that has already killed large number of people in India and taken hospitals in a rush.

In year 1999, NIV first originated from the close contact between pigs and their farmers in Malaysia. This led to an outbreak of a combination of encephalitis and respiratory illness then.

It is studied that Nipah Virus is not only transmitted through animals, but is also transmitted on consumption of date palm sap resulted in the virus. Currently, people of Kolkata and Kerala are getting affected with this virus. It comes from a fruit bat as sources state. Recently, the Kerala Health department is on high alert as the virus is spreading at a breakneck rate making it difficult for them to stop the virus from spreading.

Why is It Dangerous?

The virus is considered deadly because it is unable to be cured. Thus, the only way to be safe from such virus is prevention. It has several symptoms that lead to death. The virus generally affects your brain that leads to fever, headache, and drowsiness. There are some cases, where virus lead to coma or even death.

Is There Any Way to Stop or Cure the Disease?

Yet there is no such vaccination available to cure or to slow down the growth of the virus in the body. The only way to be safe is by prevention. You must avoid consumption of fruits by bats. For safety purpose, try using treated water, wearing a mask and consuming boiled water.


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