Want To Fly High? – Read This to Know 5 Countries Providing Free Education

July 4, 2018

Want To Fly High? – Read This to Know 5 Countries Providing Free Education


The experience of living in foreign countries is something that we all wish to have once in our life. If you are also looking to migrate to some foreign countries, where you can open your wings and fly high, then this is the right page as here, you get to know about 5 foreign countries that provide free education.

  1. Germany

Germany is well known to offer excellent higher education at minimal or no cost. No tuition fee is charged by the public universities in Germany. Other universities also do not charge much as their tuition fees nominal university administration fee of €150 approximately.

  1. Norway

Norway is another big and developed company that offers free graduate, post-graduate and doctorate level programs. No matter whether you are Indian or Brazilian, you can apply for absolute free education. The only one requirement required is that you should be proficient in Norwegian. Most of the courses are taught in this language. You also need to give proof of proficiency in this language.

  1. Sweden

Sweden do not provide absolute free education, as it charge application and tuition fee from non-members of EU, EEA and Nordic countries for graduate and postgraduate programmes. However, PhD programs are offered for absolute free of cost. If you are applying for phD program then you will get a monthly salary.

  1. Austria

In Austri, if you are non-EU student, then you need to pay nominal tuition fee of around €730 per semester. This will be around of 55,000 per semester. However, you get here the rich quality of life, thus, it is worth paying this amount.

  1. Finland

At present, Finland is not charging any tuition fee for any level of education or any nationality. However, soon, it is expected that Finland will start charging tuition fee from non EU/EEA students for English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes.


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