Want To Earn Money From YouTube Channel? – Then You Need To Know These Facts

July 28, 2018

Internet offers many ways to earn money online including blogging for money, affiliate marketing, and eBook revenues. Out of these methods YouTube and blogging are best ways to earn quick bucks.

Why YouTube is better than blogging?

Large numbers of people believe that the blogging is the only efficient way to earn money online as they are lured by CPC values of certain keywords in interesting niches. However, very few people know that YouTube is also a best option and it could help you earn more than you would from traditional blogging.

Let us compare YouTube from blogging before we start discussion on how to make a YouTube channel.

1) No domain and hosting investment is required.

In order to get started you do not need to buy a domain or hosting package and simply you can make your online presence known by good quality of your channel.

2) You can earn money on the very first day with YouTube.

Before you get to know about how to start a youtube channel, you need to know that you can earn from your video content on the very first day by simply making a YouTube account and uploading a video. Videos can be related to any topic on this earth. It can be of cooking, fashion, technology etc.

3) AdSense approval through YouTube is easy.

Bloggers need to wait for ad sense approval for 6 months. But if you apply for AdSense using YouTube then getting approval is very easy. However, this AdSense account functions differently than the traditional ads shown on blogs. Nevertheless, you can always add your blog or website to this account once you have fulfilled all the criteria.

4) Big audience on YouTube.

All you videos will be instantly available to billions of visitors on YouTube. If your video is loved by audience then it will certainly hurl you to fame and will make you earn you a large amount of money.

How to make money on YouTube channel?

Large numbers of people are earning a lot of money with YouTube. Some people are earning over $2,000 every day from their videos on youtube channel.

Following are three most important ways to make money.

Google Ad Sense:

Through Google Adsense, you can monetize your YouTube channel. You earn money whenever a viewer clicks on the ad as AdSense shows contextual ads on your videos. So far this is the easiest way to earn money.

Sponsored video:

This is best way to make money when you have an established and popular channel. You will be sponsored for your videos on showing their advertisement at the start or at the end of your video.

Affiliate marketing:

In a very short span of time, you can earn money with this method. You must pick the right product, make a video around it, and put the link in the description. You can make money on each sale and generally the payout is good.

YouTube helps you in earning money if you do not have a blog or if you are still in the process of building one blog for yourself. YouTube can even gives you advantage by getting website visitors, who are not using Google as their primary search engine.


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