Wanna Be In Shape Like Virat Kohli? – Here Is the Secret

August 14, 2018

Virat is not only known for being a tremendous captain of Indian Cricket Team, but he is also admired for his fitness. Virat is fitness freak and he loves to eat healthy, protein-enriched food.

Virat says, “If you want to be fit then take an oath of not looking at junk foods. Always prefer to eat healthy, organic and home-made foods. It is not that I do not get cravings for my favorite food, but taking small amount of it will not harm you.”

He always ensures to take a diet that is rich in proteins. His preference is to eat a protein-rich sandwich over a burger.

He stated that a rest day cannot be a cheat day that negates whatever you have achieved during the week. It is good to eat small quantities of whatever you crave. This works best.

Throughout the day, Kohli regularly snacks on roasted chana (peas) to fuel some energy. He strictly sticks to his diet, which is must for athletes to gain lean muscle mass and maintain low body fat levels.

Virat takes three-eggwhite omelette along with peanut butter that is spread on brown bread toast in his breakfast. This is followed by lunch, where he eats chicken and some spinach. He ends his day by eating protein-heavy diet of pink salmon or mutton chops alongside soups, salads and lightly-sautéed vegetables.

Healthy fats also constitute an important part of his diet that sees him regularly consume fish oil capsules along with his meals. Kohli also carries his own nut butter and ensures he consumes a good amount of fat in his diet.

“I always carry a packet of healthy snacks or a box of nuts with me at all times. Often, I munch on wheat crackers and wheat thins, which come in small and convenient-sized packets for you to slip into your handbag.”


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