Valentine’s day protest: harasses couples, get animals married

February 15, 2018

Alike every year, this year also couples were stopped from celebrating valentine’s day in various parts of country. There are several squads that created disturbance.

This squad protesting the day by saying this is against our culture and heritage and this is the reason they protest and threatened couples.

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In Chennai, Bharat Hindu Front cadre had done extremely weird thing. They performed marriage rituals between a dog and a donkey in order to protest against Valentine’s day. The dog and donkey had turmeric mark on their forehead and were garlanded with flowers. May be the two animals were celebrating the V-day and caught while romancing at the public place. However, the Chennai police detained the protestors.

This was not only the single case. Here are some other cases from the different cities of country.

In Ahmadabad, couples were chased by police and harassed by the members of the Bajrang Dal at the Sabarmati Riverfront of the city.

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One the same time Bajrang Dal members staged a protest against V-Day. The couples are threatened to get married in the Hyderabad and Nagpur.

According to protestors, “if they have right to celebrate Valentine’s day, we have the right to protest our heritage.”

Lucknow University had declared holiday on February 14 in the name of Mahashivratri holiday. The students were prohibited from roaming inside the university campus on V-day. According to the university advisory, “In recent year, we have observed that students, influenced by western culture, celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14. In this connection, students are notified that the university will be closed on February 14, 2018, for Mahashivratri.”

Quite the reverse, The Karnataka Rakshana Vedike arranged the marriage of two sheep. A member of the organization said, “We should not object to Valentine’s Day because love does not have any community or caste. Central government should declare one-day holiday for love. State government should give Rs 50,000 to 1 lakh to the couple who marry for love.”

By: Anurag Panchal

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