August 1, 2018

Naveed Ganatra

If you visit the auto shop nearby, you’ll find a set of quick-fix tools displayed on the arsenal. In fact, the retailers will have their shelves bejeweled with these items. Automotive protectants are amongst these items. It’s meant for a surface treatment that is formulated to protect against harmful ultraviolet radiations causing fading, discoloration and cracking. You can use it in many ways. These compounds contain real powerful agents that are strong enough to fight the road grime, dry rot and stuff like that.

Do you want to know how people have been using protectants to Clean, Protect and Restore? These products have been a significant part of this market for over many decades and serving car cleaning & protecting purposes with different brand names and improved formulations. Many customers have even shared the creative ways they have been using these products. Out of that cluster of information, we’ve extracted a few most useful ones for you. So let’s dive in;

Preventing Tire Dry Rot

Whether it’s classic cars, store vehicles or RVs, Dry Rot is one of the most prominent problems that people stumble upon. If your vehicle is parked for an extended period, it’s quite likely that the tires’ sidewall and treads will dry and split. For that, you can consider using the tire balm as its safe and economical way to protect the car tires from damaging UV radiations & water giving it the rich and waxy shine.

You need to clean, dry and spray until and unless the sidewall is completely drenched with protectant. Once you’re done, you’ve got to wait for at least 20 minutes. Because you can then wipe it with a dry rag so it’ll be easier to pick up any unabsorbed remnants. If the tire condition has gone severe due to dry rot, it’s high time you should consider getting a new set of Dunlop tyre in Saudi Arabia.

Let the Wheel Sparkle

Are you willing to have your wheels sparkling with a polished and shiny look? Just spray the wheels with Automotive Protectant and wipe completely dry with the absorbent cloth. The protectant is of great help in repelling dirt, grease, oil, dust, and road film alongside allowing your wheels to stay cleaner longer. On top of all, it also makes cleanup a breeze. Most of these automotive protectants are 100% safe for all types of wheels & alloys. So don’t hesitate to use it on your wheels.

Repel Road Grime

You must have heard about and experienced that how road grime can destroy the look and swank of your car. So when you’re spraying the car tires with automotive protectant, it’s advisable that you should spray some of it to the front of your vehicle. This will form an invisible shield that is supposed to repel the road grime as well as bugs.



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