Twinkle Khanna: Social Media Trolls Are Like Cockroaches

April 10, 2018

Actor-writer-producer Twinkle Khanna, who is known for her outspoken nature, has been a target of several trolls. On Monday, she said that these social media trolls are like cockroaches. Twinkle Khanna was speaking during a panel discussion “Social Media Trolling on Social Platforms” that was organised for forthcoming OSM Awards in Mumbai.

While interacting media, Twinkle said that online trolls are like cockroaches. She said, “They come along and they do that to everybody and people who take trolls seriously, I’d rather say they are foolish. Trolls are like cockroaches, once in a while, you spray hit on them and get them out of the way and you go on.”

Eminent personalities like Gul Panag, Jose Cavaco, Malini Agarwal and Tanmay Bhat along with Twinkle Khanna hosted the “OSM” Outlook Social Media Awards Jury Panel discussion. She also expressed that she takes criticism carefully. She added, “I do look at criticism and examine it carefully as sometimes it is valid and it always tells me about the world around me.”

Twinkle Khanna is not the only one, Gul Panag has also been targeted several times on social media. Her political allegiance and strong viewpoint have attracted many threats.

When asked about online trolls and dealing with them, Gul Panag said, “The moment you take a position, you set yourself up for an attack; either from people, who disagree with you or people who just don’t like the fact that you have taken a position because traditionally women, especially those who belong to film industry, are not entitled to have an opinion.” She added further, “A woman having an opinion was discouraged outside and within the industry, but it is changing now.”

By: Anurag Panchal

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