Try Out Apple Tea to Avail Health Benefits – This Is How You Can Make At Home

September 28, 2018

Apple has plenty of health benefits. You can eat it raw or toss it in salads, custards, puddings, turn it into pies and cakes, or make curries from it. Here is one more way to consume apple in the form of drink that has a number of health benefits and make a great weight loss drink.

Apple not only boosts immunity but fights from cholesterol and regulates blood sugar. It also boosts digestion. Apple is low in calories.

Ingredients required for Apple Tea

For making apple tea, all you need one whole apple, three cups of water, a tablespoon of lemon juice, two teabags and cinnamon stick or cinnamon powder.

Method to make apple tea;

  • Put the water in a deep-bottomed pan and add the lemon juice to it.
  • Put the pan on the flame and then dunk the tea bags in it. While you wait for the tea to boil, chop your apple up in small cubes and then add these to the boiling tea.
  • Make sure your fruit is added to the tea, with the skin on.
  • Let the concoction simmer for about five minutes and finally, add your cinnamon stick or powder to it.
  • Strain the tea out into cups and add a natural sweetener of your choice to it.


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