Trending Keto Diet – All You Need to Know About Keto Diet

August 30, 2018

These days, keto diet is being followed by many people and it is trend. This special diet is in-thing, with a lot of celebrities personally endorsing and professing the effects.

Being high on fats, moderate on proteins and low on carbs, ketogenic diet alters the metabolism of the body.

Our body uses carbohydrates to derive energy and glucose that is used by the brain as well as rest of the bodily functions. A low-carb diet would automatically alter the body’s metabolism to make use of fats and protein to derive energy, leading to weight loss. The human body derives close to 60% of its energy from carbs on a daily basis. In the Atkins’ diet, you depend chiefly on proteins, deriving 40% of your daily energy from that food group. In the Ketogenic diet, fats become the primary source of energy; here you are surviving on a mere 10% of carbs, 10-20% of protein and a whopping 70% intake of fats every day.

Carbs empty the stomach easily, whereas fats stay there for longer. Prolonged and high intake of fats and protein enhances the satiety level; therefore a person ends up feeling fuller for long, thereby eating less,


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