Top 3 Indian Most Popular YouTube Personalities

June 6, 2018

YouTube is a platform that gives you opportunity to show your talent and be a superstar. You can have millions of followers and fans through this medium. Today, in this post, you will get to know top three most popular YouTube personalities, who have proven their talent and rocking the world.

  1. Nisha Madhulika 

She started her food blog in 2007. However, her blog was in Hindi. She gained popularity after sometime. Slowly she was in demand. Then she created her own website which was developed by her son. Later on she started creating videos and launched her own Youtube channel, which is very popular.

2.    Raghav Pande’s Xcell Fitness

Raghav Pande is a certified trainer and a nutritionist. This channel was created by Raghav. He runs a fitness consulting firm, Xcell Fitness. Through this channel, he offers personalised nutrition plans and training programmes for weight loss. Way back, in 2009, he started this channel and now he has a lot of international clients who approach him via his website for personalised solutions.

  1. Sonal Sagaraya

This channel was created and run by an animation student. She created her own YouTube channel to provide makeup tips. Her school friend Rishabh Shah is an audio engineer. Both of them manage this YouTube channel dedicated to make-up and beauty tips.

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