Top 10 Reasons to Have Fitness Tracker Right Now

May 19, 2018

Fitness tracker is no longer a strange device for all of us. In this busy world, fitness tracker helps you to keep count of all your daily activities, including jogging, sprints, walking and running. It allows you to keep sharp eye on number of calories burnt in a day.

What is fitness tracker?

Fitness tracker is a device that measures the motion of the body. It is a wearable that comprises a 3-axis accelerometer. This 3- axis accelerometer is used to track movement in all direction. Some of the fitness tracker also embraces a gyroscope that is used to measure orientation as well as rotation of any object. The data collected by the device is then transformed into steps and activities and further into calories and sleep quality. The device also embraces the altimeter that is used to calculate your altitude. It is handy and can be taken easily anywhere. Since the device   embraces altimeter thus it can also estimate the height of mountains you have climbed or the number of stairs you climbed up. All these data is gathered and combined together to create overall reading.

Following are 10 reasons to have fitness tracker;

  1. It keeps you aware of your activity
  2. You can have your fitness goals
  3. It allows you to monitor your diet
  4. It helps you in tracking your sleeping pattern
  5. Allows you to build healthier habits
  6. You can monitor your overall well-being
  7. Push you to change your behavior
  8. Keeps track of your progress
  9. It increases your accountability
  10. It is your free workout trainer



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