Today Google Celebrates Chipko Movement

March 26, 2018

Today, Google Doodle has marked 45th anniversary of Chipko Movement.

What is Chipko Movement?

  • Yea ago, in the early 70s, government decided to give a portion of the forests in Alakananda valley to a sports company. Sports company wanted the wood for manufacturing their products.
  • But the villagers were unhappy with this decision as their livelihood depended on the forests. So, they opposed the government’s decision.
  • There was a time, when the government announced the auction of 2,500 trees, overlooking the Alaknanda river.
  • The chipko movement started when the lumberjacks arrived. Large numbers of women participated in this movement and they stopped the lumbermen by hugging the trees despite being threatened.
  • These women challenged government as well as the lumbermen by putting up a brave fight.
  • Some of the local women of village started this movement including Gaura Devi, Sudesha Devi and Bachni Devi.
  • On the environmental laws of the country, the Chipko movement had a far reaching impact.

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