Thailand Cave Rescue Operation Underway – 4 Soccer Team Members Rescued Safely

July 9, 2018

What is Thailand Cave Rescue Operation?

On 23rd June, the Thai Soccer Team end up in Cave and got trapped there, when they were exploring the caves after going on a picnic following football practice.

The group is being trapped there for long span of days. They have survived by drinking water.

What has happened till now?

The mission to save the 12 boys and their coach trapped in a complex cave system is currently underway. Out of 12, 4 boys are rescued today and they are sent to the hospital. Police announced on a loudspeaker at the muddy encampment that everyone who is not involved with the operations has to get out of the area immediately. From the situation assessment, we need to use the area to help victims.

The police commander also added that it is necessary to evacuate the area for the rescue operation. He requested to abandon the area from those, who are unrelated to the rescue operation.

How is life in the cave?

It is being told by the experts that the life in cave is very dangerous. It is hard to survive for 10 minutes inside the cave. Experts say they do not have any clue how these people are surviving there. Earlier in the week, former Thai Navy diver died in the caves when he was providing oxygen tanks for the group. He lost consciousness and could not be revived.


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