Sreesanth and karanveer Bohra Gets into Ugly Spat: Bigg Boss 12

November 8, 2018

The luxury budget task continued on November 7 episode of Bigg Boss 12. The housemates have now started supporting those with whom they had issues till now.

Dipika Kakar Ibrahim is in the makeshift house along with Romil Chaudhary, Surbhi Rana, Deepak Thakur and Somi Khan. By staying in the house with them for almost the entire duration of the task, she garnered their trust and their support to ensure Karanvir Bohra gets another shot at captaincy. She later told KV that whether they win or not, she has got their trust and that will help them in the long term.

When Jasleen Matharu took a step without discussing it with Karanvir and the others first, he got really upset. Dipika, Karanvir and Megha Dhade try to strategise about who will go into the house next even as Dipika got Surbhi and others to choose who will leave the house next so that KV could get in. Megha betrayed KV at the last minute and got into the house.

While the contestants tried to play mind games and strategize about the captaincy task, a major fight took place between Karanvir and Sreesanth. The two started on the show with a good equation but lately, it has got worse. On Wednesday’s episode, they hurled insults at each other with Sreesanth even spitting in front of him. Deepak also got into the fight and Sreesanth insulted him too. Deepak insulted him back. The exchange between Deepak and Sreesanth lasted longer than the one between KV and Sreesanth.

Finally, the task came to an end. Somi Khan, Megha Dhade, Karanvir Bohra and Romil Chaudhary are now eligible to contest for captaincy.

With the task having come to an end, it was now time for the housemates to celebrate Sreesanth’s birthday. And they do that with a special cake that Dipika has made. Sreesanth offered some to Deepak and they arrived at a truce.


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