Some Important Pre Wedding Beauty Tips for Indian Brides to Be

March 22, 2018

If you are bride-to-be then you must start following below tips to get healthy and glowing skin. It is recommended that your overall planning should start at least three months before the wedding. Let us read the tips that you must essentially follow;

  1. Consult Your Dermatologist

A visit to a good dermatologist should be done atleast 6 months before the wedding. This is the time to get ‘up, close and personal’ with a nice recommended Dermatologist. Book an appointment and have the doctor close-examine your skin and every single aspect around it. This is seriously advised for those of you who have stubborn scars, skin-pits, acne-marks left behind from your adolescent years. With clinical beauty treatments an easy thing in today’s time, get started with your prescribes ‘peels’ or ‘laser-treatments’ for that flawless skin. Remember always girls, beauty is beautiful skin; and the rest just follows.

  1. Plan a Balanced Diet

Heard that a zillion-times and still can’t make sense of it? Well, it’s simple, you need to fit perfectly in to THE dress you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl and you simply cannot allow ugly flab to spoil the look. Now, this does not mean a crash-diet, rather a nutrition-watch to help you build-up on strength and tone-up your body. For all you big girls out there, it by no means refers to getting skinny in three-months, but just watching your calories and sugar intake.

  1. Gym is key for glowing skin

Sign-up at a gym close to your home 3 months before the wedding and be sure to work out at least for an hour every day. This will help you in more than one ways. A fitness routine will help build stamina, something that all Indian brides need in order to survive back-to-back wedding functions. Gymming not only helps you tone-up your body, but sweating-out is great for your skin as well.

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By: Neha Singh

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