Some Genius Beauty Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

May 22, 2018

Tip 1. Use Opposite Colors to Balance out Undertones

You must make use of opposite colors while using concealers. Suppose you have a red pimple then green concealer must be used to tone down the redness.

Tip 2. Always Apply Foundation at the Center of Your Face

If you want to do makeup like pro then make a habit of applying foundation at the center of your face. When you apply a lot of foundation around your jawline or hairline then it appears like you are wearing a mask. For natural look, start from the center of your face, so that the product fade out around the edges.

Tip 3. Make Triangles under eyes

If you want to cover the dark circles under eye the draw a triangle shape with the concealer to brighten the entire eye area.

Tip 4. Apply Bronzer in a “3” Shape

If you want to apply bronzer to appear with slim face then apply it in the shape of a 3 over your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline as shown in the picture below.

Tip 5. Sugar Spray Is Perfect Formula If You Want To Create Soft Undone Waves

This product embraces curl-enhancing ingredients, like plankton and sea kelp extract, and ultra-moisturizing and conditioning sugar cane extract, sugar spray is as nourishing as it is texturizing for your thirsty strands. It leaves a glossy shine without any greasy residue.


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