Smart Feature of Toyota Cars Will Soon Detect Driver’s Ill Health

February 12, 2018

We have talked a lot about Smartphones. Now is the epoch for Smart cars.

In next to no time, the cars will be having outstanding features that we cannot even imagine in this life. Smart cars are the future of automotive industry.

Meanwhile, the giant automobile manufacturer, Toyota is working on a project of the car that will tell if passengers are about to have a heart attack?

Collaborative Safety Research Center of Toyota is having a faith that soon they will make a car, which will be capable to tell whether its driver is about to have a heart attack. This is a very important feature that needs to be evolved as the driver suffering from a heart attack could cause a major accident that may put so many lives in danger.

The automotive giant is looking forward to spending $35 million for this project during a five-year period that will last until 2021. The company has initiated the project with several universities. The research part of the feature is over. At present, the company is finding out if the wearables could one day be as accurate as those of medical equipment. It will be the first Toyota car that will embrace the wearable that will predict whether there is an impending heart attack or not. To obtain such indications you need the tool that has the ability to determine if the driver’s blood sugar is low and if they could black out at any time.

The director of Collaborative Safety Research Center of Toyota, Chuck Gulash, has stated that the team is investigating the conditions that might have caused road accidents from an emergency medical viewpoint. The team will be considering the signals that wearables could measure at the time of medical emergencies.

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