Scientific Reason of Hiccups – Next Time Do Not Think Somebody Is Remembering You

June 29, 2018

When you get hiccups, then there are lots of medical or physiological disorders that are associated with it.

One of the most common reason for causing hiccups is distension or expansion of the stomach and movement of stomach acid into the esophagus.

Another reason that could be blamed to cause hiccups is a disease or irritation in the thorax. Scientists believe that irritation of the phrenic nerve or the diaphragm is often cited as a cause of hiccups.

It can also be caused from a variety of neurological lesions, many of them involving the brain stem, or some metabolic disorders.

However, sometimes it is observed that hiccups are very persistent and comes very dramatically for no obvious reason.

Doctors recommend treatment for stomach acid reflux for unordinary hiccups that come back or stay longer than usual.


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