Rose Day Special – When Your Relationship Status is Complicated

February 3, 2018

No matter whether you are in a relationship or you are single, you can make someone feel special. When it comes to love, we only think about girlfriends/boyfriends, but it is equally fair to be in love with your friend. There is a kind of relationship, where you are uncertain about your thoughts towards the person, or you are uncertain about what the person feels about you. Such relationships must be considered more than a friendship and less than a relationship. That’s why they are called complicated.

rose day

However, if you also fall under the complicated status of relationship then here is the best opportunity to convert it into love. Be a trailblazer, and propose your friend by putting some extra efforts. Express that you have fallen for her and now it is her turn to marinate in the same feelings that you have for her.

You can surprise her by inviting to your house, where you will be decorating your room with the roses. Cover the floors with roses. This would be one of the best surprises for her. You can even put rose petals at your fan and switch it on when your darling enters the room.

Another way is to send rose bouquets after each and every hour with different messages that express your feeling towards her. You can ask some of your friends to deliver this to your partner. At last, you are supposed to go with the bunch of red flowers. Try to make it as special as you can.

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