June 5, 2018

Today global citizens are celebrating World Environment Day which was founded by the United Nation to encourage awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Every year on June 5 World Environment Day revolves around a theme that draws attention on a particular environmental concern and the world spread awareness over it. This year the theme is ‘beating plastic pollution’.

Plastic has been a threat to the environment, human health and animal lives as well. The plastic products are made by using the chemical- BPA (bisphenol A). These products increase the amount of BPA when you place the hot food in these. We most commonly use the plastic in our kitchen and daily life. If we stop using the plastic products then we do not only save the environment but save human health and animal lives as well.

We can take a step forward towards by reducing the plastic products and make the environment safe. We can just replace the 5 products with recycled products that are as follows:

  1. Plastic water bottles with stainless steel and glass bottles

Plastic bottles leads to many health issues in the long run. The plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals that intervene with the hormones in the body. You can replace the plastic bottles with stainless steel bottles and glass bottles to reduce the waste of environment.

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  1. Plastic tiffin-boxes and containers with stainless steel

Plastic tiffin-boxes and containers are the most common things that we use in our daily life. The plastic tiffin-boxes and containers are responsible to harm our body and cause certain health problems. Thus, it is best to replace the plastic tiffin boxes with the stainless steel one and plastic containers with steel or glass containers.

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  1. Plastic straws with Glass, Steel,  Paper or Bamboo Straw

The plastic straws contain many harmful chemicals like polypropylene and bisphenol A which affect human health. One should avoid using the straws completely as sipping beverage using a straw to encourage the breakdown of collagen and elasticity, also cause the fine lines and wrinkles. However, if you tend to use straw, then you can replace the plastic straws with glass straws, steel straws, paper straws or bamboo straws that are easily available in the market.

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  1. Plastic plates or cutlery with compostable cutlery

If you are the one who uses Plastic plates and cutleries in eating hot foods then you must know these plastic plates and cutleries increase the risk of kidney stones. The hot and/or acidic foods in the plastic plates encourage melamine (responsible for harmful effects in the body) to infect food. You can eliminate this by replacing the plastic plates or cutlery with compostable cutlery.

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  1. Plastic bags with paper bags

Though plastic bags are banned in some places, but everyone has a habit to use plastic bags and some have to store it too, but do you know- a plastic bag takes around 450 years to recycle. Plastic bags majorly disrupt the environment. They just get into the soil and release toxic chemicals. They then break down into the soil and then  animals consume them and often die. You can replace plastic bags with paper bags that are available in the market and does not harm the  environment.

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By: Anurag Panchal

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