Remember to Eat Healthy This Navaratri – Here are Some Good Ideas

October 10, 2018

In India, the festival of Navratri is full of lights, joy and festivity. Hindus celebrate this with devotion and enthusiasm throughout India. The celebration is carried on for around 9 days.

As a way to move closer to God and practice abstinence, many people keep fast and therefore give up on their regular food and switch to lighter food items. Here are some cool ideas to eat healthy food, even of you have fast.

  • All the ingredients of Navratri foods are extremely nutritious. The cereals are rich sources of healthy carbs, proteins, fibre, minerals and vitamins and are all gluten-free. The vegetables allowed, though thought to be humble, are super foods loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The most misunderstood potato, and portrayed to be the villain of the nutrition world, is actually one of the richest sources of Vitamin C and a source of potassium and fibre when eaten with the skin intact.
  • All meals are balanced to provide carbs, proteins, fats and fibre.
  • As the palate and soul needs to be pampered too – so one fried item a day has been included.
  • Keep the cooking oil to the minimum and avoid adding sugar to you milk shakes and cold coffee.
  • Have plenty of fluids, 35ml water/kg body weight. Drinks like fresh coconut water, fresh lemon water, will help keep you hydrated. Green tea can be had along with your meals, you can even chill it after brewing for a refreshing drink for any part of the day.




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