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May 9, 2018

Jacqueline entered Bollywood in 2009. She entered the industry with her debut film, Aladin. Movie was flop yet Jacqueline managed to get noticed because of her charm and enigma. Some believe that Jacqueline is a complete package of glamour and beauty. Hence in this article, I have decided to reveal the beauty secrets of this beautiful lady.

Right from her favorite skin care products to her best beauty tips, lets spill the beans here:

She starts her day by taking a glass of lukewarm water with Apple Vinegar-Cider. She uses face wash by Cetaphil, and then applies moisturizer by La Prarie. She also ensures to use a good toner. As she has a troublesome T-Zone, cleaning and toning are a must do rituals. She revealed that she uses lip balms by Dermalogica. She uses home made products and packs specially those made of honey and Yoghurt.

On her recommendation list is Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil by The Body Shop. She loves her Youth Serum, for glow and radiant skin.
You will never spot her without lip butter, sanitizer and a face spritzer. She also informed that she uses ice cubes on her face to get rid of tiredness and dullness. However, ice cubes should be wrapped in cotton.

Jacky never depends on fried food. She always carries dry fruits with her apart from eating a lot of green vegetables. She can skip her dinner but not sleep. She ensures that she fulfills her sleep requirement.


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