March 10, 2018

Following are some of the beauty and skin benefits of buttermilk that will leave you desiring for a glass of buttermilk instantly;

  1. Makes Your Skin Glowing

Do not picture fair skin. Please don’t be blinded by vacuous advertisements of fairness creams which instill inferiority complex in your psyche in the name of pampering oneself’ Glowing skin refers to skin which is cleansed deeply and has a natural luster of its own regardless of the skin tone. As far as buttermilk is concerned, it is rich in lactic acid and a natural pro-biotic too. Lactic acid is found in most of the beauty products in the market. Buttermilk is astringent in nature and high in acidic property. Ladies whose age is advancing surely have a reason to cheer about.

  1. Detoxify Your Skin

Toss those high-end chemical-laden cleansers of yours into the trash. There’s a pocket-friendly and all-natural fix coming your way. Make way for it. As mentioned above, Buttermilk is an excellent cleanser for skin so you can make use of it to cleanse and nourish skin deeply/intensely.

  1. Buttermilk For Acne Scars

Spots and other blemishes are controllable and get diminished overtime with regular use of buttermilk because of the astringent properties of its lactic acid content.




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By: Neha Singh

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