Raat Kamaal Hai: Guru Randhawa, Khushali Kumar, Tulsi Kumar To Get You Groove

April 26, 2018

Guru Randhawa is one of the amazing singers who are on the top nowadays. The singer is well known for the songs like Suit Suit, Ban Ja Rani, High Rated Gabru, Lahore and many more.

The singer has recently released a video song called Raat Kamaal Hai. The song is composed by the singer himself and he has even penned the lyrics for the same.

Along with Guru, singer Tulsi Kumar has lent her melodious voice to Raat Kamaal Hai.

Being a vibrant and quite funky and cool, Raat Kamaal Hai is a perfect song for the weekend parties and summer nights. The catchy beats instantly get you in a groovy mood. Along with Guru Randhawa, the video also stars Khushali Kumar, who is Tulsi Kumar’s sister.

In an interview, talking about his success mantra, Guru Randhawa said, “I love my God and whenever I want something, I pray to Him and my wish is fulfilled. That’s my success mantra. Everybody can be happy and successful, be in their own zone if they ask for what they want with a sincere heart. I would not like to take credit for all the hard work that I have put in. It’s all because of the Almighty. Whatever I have or will get in the future is because of Him.”

Watch the video right here:

“I feel like I am not only representing independent music but also contributing to Bollywood. My zone is a little different. It has been my dream to feature on Billboard’s list as I always wanted to make music for India that will make to that list. I have always wanted to take Indian music to an international platform someday, even if it is on number 100.I enjoy independent music, even more than Bollywood. I started my career from there (Punjabi music industry) and Bollywood happened much later. Meri rozi roti wahin se shuru hui hain. Having said that, I love it here, too; Bollywood makes you bigger than you already are,” added Guru.


By: Anurag Panchal

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