Pretend You Are Married, While You Meet Bajrang Dal on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2018

Bajrang Dal strongly opposes the celebration on Valentine’s Day. Imagine that you have gone out for a date with your girlfriend on this special date and suddenly a gang of people started beating you for no reason. This would be so embarrassing and awkward movement for both of you. So to avoid such circumstances, here are million dollar ideas that will prevent you from getting your mood spoiled.

Pretend you are a married couple. This might take some extra work. You may need to forge some marriage documents, but don’t work too hard on that, for these idiots are most likely not educated enough to begin with. Women, just put on some sindoor and men, just pretend you are entitled to her. That is what the ideal Indian marriage looks like anyway.

Another best way to escape from this situation is by not visiting a swanky restaurant or an obnoxiously expensive café, instead visit a temple with your love. You will be never doubted for your non-pious intentions for each other.


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By: Neha Singh

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