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April 7, 2018

Large numbers of Chinese popular Smartphone game apps are now setting limited play time for kids in order wipe out the game addiction from them. Recent research has shown that game addiction amidst younger players has dramatically increased. This is the reason; China came up with this smart game feature.

Tencent’s ground breaking Smartphone app is restricting time to play for kids under the age of 12 to just one hour per day. The Smartphone game controller has restricted the game named Honour of Kings or King of Glory for time being. After 9 p.m., young players will not be allowed to sign in for game.

However, people of age 12 to 18 years are allowed to avail the advantage of Smartphone game apps for two hours.

The most popular game of Smartphone game app has a staggering 163 million users and it was launched in year 2015. And another most popular game owned by Tencent is League of Legends, which has 100 million monthly users. It has swept the world in terms of popularity.

This new move of restricting the time limit to play game might affect a large number of Honour game players. Some Chinese citizens however, were doubtful of the crackdown.

As per the News of Beijing, over 57 percent of the game players are primary school children of age 12 and less. However, Tencent has refused to accept this fact and disclosed new fact that the proportion of players under 12 amounts to 3.62 percent only.

The Smartphone Game App’s smash hit game named Honour of Kings has became the highest grossing game of this year in the world. The game has generated the estimated revenue of around $882 million in its first quarter itself as per the news in China Daily.



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