No Celebrations this Year but Only Prayers on Onam

August 25, 2018

After the devastating flood in Kerala, people all over the country have decided not to celebrate Onam this year. The floods caused mass destruction all over the state and people lost their lives and many have been left homeless.

Onam marks the Malyali New Year. There are several celebrations that take place. Boat races are organized, flower arrangements are done, and dance and music are integral parts of the celebrations. It is the most important festival for the people living in kerala. But this year the spirit is not the same as floods caused havoc in the lives of the people of kerala. Relief camps were set up and people of the state were sent help from different parts of India. The entire country prayed for them. The water retreated and the state is trying to cope with the destruction that was caused.

It is a Hindu festival celebrated to mark the rice harvest but the non-Hindu communities living in Kerala also celebrate Onam.  Public holidays start four days before the Onam eve in Kerala.

This year it’s about rebuilding the state, saluting the courage of the people living there and recognizing the humanity shown by the fellow countrymen.

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