New Wonder Charger That Allows You to Charge our Devices in Seconds – Nanomaterial

May 9, 2018

All of us hate that moment when we find our mobile batteries are dead. We also hate keeping mobiles near the sockets and charging them for hours. But what if you get a magical mobile phone battery charger that could charge your mobile in few seconds? You would be in love with this tiny charger that will fully juice up your battery in no time.

What is nanomaterial?

In this world brimful of gadgets, we all need such mobile battery chargers that could charge all our mobiles in seconds. This technology is really possible with a new nanomaterial called MXene.

Study on nanomaterial

Drexel University has introduced this material after long and in-depth research. Under the guidance of materials science and engineering professor Yury Gogotsi, this product is evolved.

Difference between traditional batteries and nanomaterial

The traditional mobile battery chargers and nanomaterial differs in many ways. The nanomaterial opens up more paths for ions to travel swiftly throughout the material.

The revolutionary battery has an electrode design that makes use of two-dimensional material. This two dimensional material is known as MXene that enable the swift transfer of ions. Electrode is a place that allows energy to store in batteries for charging. Thus change electrode design can change the entire process of charging and composing a battery.

In MXene, between the oxide metals a hydrogel is interleaved, which is highly conductive like the copper and aluminum used in electrical wires. This allows ions to move through the battery very quickly.

Potential of nanomaterial

All the traditional mobile cell phone battery chargers do not embrace the potential to process quickly as there is limited path for ions to get to the ports, where they are then ready to charge your device.

MXeme is radical as it generates multiple paths for the ions to pass through ports. More ions can move to the charging ports at a much faster pace because of its composition. Since the nonmaterial is highly conductive, hence it allows the ions to move along without a lot of resistance. Along with this beneficial feature, there are more ports in this magical charger than in traditional batteries.


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