Names of 40 Lakh people Missing-Aftermath

July 31, 2018

The final draft of the National Register of Citizen was released yesterday in which names of 40 lakh people were missing. This document was meant to detect the illegal foreigners. The NRC was created during the 1951 census. This list had details about every person-name, age, father’s/husband’s name, means of livelihood, houses and holdings and so on.

The controversy was the large -scale migration of people from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to Assam after the war. The migration of Bangladeshis into Assam continued for a long time. To bring this regular influx of immigrants to the notice of then Prime Minister, the All Assam Student Union submitted a memorandum to Indira Gandhi in 1980 seeking her urgent attention. After that, the Parliament enacted Illegal Migration (Determination by Tribunal) Act in 1983. This Act made applicable only to Assam, was expected to identify and deport illegal migrants in the state.

As a result, names of people who appeared in the 1951 census and their descendants are to be included in the current NRC. But foreigners who came to Assam on or after 24 March 1971 are to be detected and expelled as per the law. Moreover, Indian citizens and their children who moved to Assam post 24 March 1971 were eligible for the inclusion in the Updated NRC. But satisfactory proof of residence in any part of the country (outside Assam) would be required.

People who did not find their name in the list can still apply. The period to file objections and claims is from August 30 to September 28.

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