Monsoon Fashion Tips – Cute Monsoon Accessories That You Need to Buy Right Now

July 4, 2018

Diva’s favorite monsoon season is here. Ladies, be ready to flaunt your beautiful florescent colored dress in style to grab the attention of people.


Before you freak out about the fact that we are suggesting this, here are some genuinely cute, rain-proof Crocs you can buy. You can buy such classic gumboots or chelsea boots


Rain Jacket

This is a key piece. Especially, if you’re like us, and you despise the umbrella. Yes, they come in cute colors and patterns, and can make a cool statement. But, try lugging your laptop around with a grande Americano, and texting, while holding an umbrella.

Can’t. Be. Done. Go hands-free all the way. This means choosing a rain jacket that’s perfectly suited to the outside conditions. Our favorite is a long, water-repellent parka with a hood big enough to completely cover your head. It should have some weight to it, a flimsy anorak will not do. This way you can protect your outfit and your handbag underneath. Other great options include a trench coat or bomber jacket.


Pick Dark Colors

Because the puddle will be stepped in, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, and the inevitable drop or two of muddy water will make its way on to your clothes and shoes. Dark colors tend to hide spots and stains better than light colors, and they’re less transparent when they get wet. The most important piece to choose in a dark color is pants. The perfect, below-the-waist pieces for a puddle-strewn street: A pair of cropped black pants or coated, dark denim paired with your Chelsea rain boots. Let it rain.





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