March 8, 2018

Mohammed Shami’s wife has claimed that she found a mobile in BMW Car that is owned by Shami. Hasina Jahan also claimed that his husband is in relationship with many other women. She went on saying that while other Indian team members came back to India from South Africa, Shami checked in a Dubai hotel with a Pakistani woman.

It was shocking to see the pictures and screenshots of Shami’s facebook account and whatsapp account those were revealed by his own wife.

On Wednesday, she posted many screenshots on her timeline of Facebook account. She claimed that the Team India pacer has multiple extra-marital affairs.

She did not stop here, she also posted photos of women with whom Shami is apparently in relationship.

However, these shocking revelations cannot be swallowed easily.The Coach of Indian Cricket team has also stated that he is a shy person and he could not believe what his wife is alleging.

On the other side, for the first time, Shami came in front of camera and denied the adultery charges. He also tweeted that it is nothing but an attempt to derail his cricket career. Recently, Shami was not included in the BCCI players’ contracts that was announced on Wednesday evening. BCCI told that as soon as Shami will prove his innocence, his name will be added.

As of now, things look ominous for Shami.


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By: Neha Singh

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