Mockery of Law & order – Politics on Rakbar’s Death

July 24, 2018

Aslam With his friend Rakbar Came to alwar for buying cow and on the way back they were lynched by the so called “ Gau rakshak” , somehow Aslam manage to escape and is the only witness of this merciless incident.

Aslam told police about the statements shouted by the gau rakshak that MLA is with us we are not afraid of anything. Later, BJP-MLA Gyandev Ahuja was the first to defend the lynching by gau rakhaks but also said that Rakbar died due to excessive custody by the police.

Moreover it is a shear failure of the system that such Lynching on the name of cow protection by gau rakhaks has spread all over the nation by one name or the other. This is absolute incapability of system that who so ever feels, make mockery of the law and order.

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