Mahira Khan Opens Up On The Ranbir Kapoor Smoking Pics Controversy

March 24, 2018

If you remember the viral picture of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan, then you also remember that both did not speak about that, but now Raees actress Mahira opens up about the controversy. Mahira Khan says she felt ‘violated’ when her images of sharing a cigarette with Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor went viral like a wild fire. She said that it was the first time ever in her life that she was involved in a controversy.

The Pakistani actress spoke at length about her experience in Bollywood and the controversy.

The photograph of Mahira and Ranbir came out from NewYork in September last year after months of releasing her Bollywood debut film ‘Raees’.

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Unfolding how it became a talk of the town, she said, “That was the first time in my entire career that I was caught up in a so-called controversy and it was strange because there were so many things in that. One, obviously you feel violated, you are in a personal downtime moment and someone has just photographed you.”

“Two, obviously there was an uproar, because here I was, someone who is extremely loved in Pakistan, and they sort of keep me up on this pedestal you know, they treat me with a lot of love and a lot of respect. And there are certain things I didn’t realize that they don’t want to see me do.”

“At that point, yes, it was crazy honestly because it lasted for a while… It was crazy, it was ridiculous.”

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Image result for Mahira Khan opens up on the Ranbir Kapoor smoking pics controversy

Her Bollywood debut film Raees, starring Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan, did not get a chance to release in Pakistan due to the increasing tension between the two countries and she was excited for the film to release in her nation.

“I was more excited about ‘Raees’ being released in Pakistan than anywhere else, because all I wanted was to sit there with my best friends and my child Azlaan and the audience and watch this and I couldn’t.”

At that time, the Pakistan censorship board had refered ‘Raees’ as an “ugly, horrible, unacceptable depiction of Muslims”. Mahira feels that the movie must have release at any other time, it would not have been banned.

The actress said, “I think their decisions sometimes are based on things that don’t even concern the film sometimes. So you know I don’t think that was the reason. They said it, but I don’t know. I don’t know if ‘Raees’ was released today, would it be released.”

The movie released in January 2017 few months after bilateral tensions intensified between India and Pakistan over the September 18, 2016 Uri attack that left 19 Indian soldiers dead and the September 28 surgical strikes by India on Pakistan terror camps.

After that, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena of India gave an ultimatum to Pakistani artistes to leave India. Channel Zindagi also withdrew telecast of Pakistani shows. The Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association (IMPPA) also ceased from allowing Pakistani artistes to work in India and the result Mahira couldn’t promote her film in India.

She said, “It was a two-way thing. We got stuck under the political fire really, nothing else. But by the way, Pakistan is still showing Indian films, we haven’t banned Indian films at all.”

Mahira is currently busy with the shooting of ‘Saat Din Mohabbat In’ and ‘Maula Jatt 2’.

By: Anurag Panchal

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