Lyft Gets Approval to Test Self-Driving Cars on Public Roads in California

February 12, 2018

The Lyft is following its competitors, and this time the company will be indulged in huge project of developing autonomous cars, which will be eliminating the role of drivers completely.

Lyft have announced that it has registered itself to start the project of manufacturing the self-driving cars. This was done during the multi-outlet embargo bonanza. There will be staff of hundred employees to execute this project. The plant named Palo Alto office for this project is located in 5000 square feet. The division will manage to bring the development of self-driving software soon.

Lyft also announced that it has designed such a module, which will win over more partners in the race of developing autonomous cars.

In recent years, several other companies like Google, Tesla, Ford, and Uber have also started working on such projects as they believe that the self driving cars are increasingly capable machines. The companies have gradually evolved from imperfect driver-assistance features to perfect characteristics. Initially, the companies conducted isolated tests on private tracks but now they are running cars on real-life city streets. The companies are aiming to build a car that really drives the car without any human assistance.

However, there is no clue that when the wait will be over of sitting in a self-driving car. When cities will allow such cars to run on real-life city streets?


As per the New York Times, all the companies are deploying different software to develop the car.

Lyft car has two noteworthy partners, who have invested in this project. First is General Motors, which has done an investment of $500 million in self-driving project. Recently, Lyft has also signed a pact to work with Alphabet’s Waymo regarding this project.

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