Look, Which Degree will Guarantee You a Job

February 14, 2018

Due to insufficiency of jobs, students are in dilemma, while opting their stream after they step out of school. In this post, apart from the degree of engineering, you will get other options that can make your future bright and will guarantee you a job. Finding work after graduation is a concern of almost every student whether you are graduate or undergraduate or doctoral in the final year of school. It is a source of stress and excitement.


MBA is one of the most beneficial degrees you can possibly attain in terms of added salary value. A study proves that MBA degree helped in improving their job performance, and 80% of graduates say that the degree helped them advance in their career. Earning an MBA will net you an additional $45,000 a year in your chosen profession, on average, and if you live on the west coast, the payoff is even better. In California, MBA graduates earn an average salary exceeding $100,000 a year. An MBA will greatly add to your depth of knowledge, and boost your chances at earning a promotion.


Accounting topped Forbes’ 2016 list as the single most in-demand undergrad degree. If you’re looking for job security with a solid pay grade, an accounting degree may be the way to go. Accounting majors are offered the best hiring prospects, and their degree will always be in demand.


According to a study done by USA Today in 2015, Math grads will earn an average of $3.1 million over their lifetimes. Not bad for paying attention in algebra class. In reality, it is a difficult degree to achieve, but there is a consistently growing demand for mathematics majors in management positions, meaning that this degree will always be highly valuable.




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