March 12, 2018

It is recommended to avoid Tata Motors as the stock is falling day after day relentlessly. It is said that there is nothing going on for it. Analyst informed that in a bull market it has fallen 30-40 percent. Hence, you must avoid it.

If you want to buy a stock then you can consider buying Lupin as it is a good idea. Analysts suggest you to buy this stock. It is observed that the Pharma is bottoming out, that bottoming out process is taking a lot of time, but it is still happening. Hence, Lupin will be higher after one year and definitely higher after two years.

Among another few options of buying stock, NTPC is one.

It is recommended to hold on to Yes Bank. Experts believe that volatility is a part of a bull market. It is seen that the markets are volatile now banks are subdued but this does not mean anything has changed in the long term. It is found that the Yes Bank is an outperformer. Earlier also Yes Bank was an outperformer. And it is expected that even in the future, it will remain an outperformer. So hold on to it.



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By: Neha Singh

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