May 18, 2018

We all have entered into the year 2018. So today, I thought to discuss about all that you need to know if you want to be a digital marketer.

It is believed that LSAs will highlight the value of Google-independence

Experts expect that LSAs will emphasize the value of Google independence. It is also said that the word-of-mouth marketing will be important. Along with this the loyalty initiatives will become ever more serious to service area business. These results are disrupted by Google’s Local Service Ads. Now it is expected that the LSAs may be a winner over traditional Adwords in terms of cost and conversions.

Now content will be the omni-channel answer

You must keep in mind that now content will grow in value since it is the answer to everything coming our way. May it be in form of a voice search, or a Google Posts, or a Google Questions & Answers, content is growing with fast pace. Due to this, various agencies, who consider themselves as a local SEO consultants will now have to master the fundamentals of organic keyword research. They will have to learn the fundamentals of link building, as well as structured data, to offer expert-level advice in the omni-channel environment.

Retail may downsize but must remain physical

Since the Amazon is becoming the “everything store” so it would be not wrong to say that retail is being turned on its head. In this new environment, there are large numbers of brands, who are failing to see profits. This will eventually downsize to the showroom scenario.

It is said that SMBs will hold the quality high card

It is believed that for smaller local brands, you must emphasis on quality. This will be the critical factor to go up.

In-SERP features will grow

Local SERP feature is also expected to expand.





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