List of Weird Tips That Will Actually Help You

July 31, 2018

In this piece of writing I will share some of the actually weird tips that will blow your minds. You might not be aware of these weird facts.

  1. Hot beverages cool off your body

We think that drinking hot coffee or tea in cold season will help us in maintaining our body temperature hot. But the studies have proven that hot beverages cools off your body, hence, you must drink hot beverages in hot weather. Logic is simple that when you drink hot beverages, your body produces more sweat which, when it evaporates, cools you off.

  1. Never brush your teeth immediately after eating

It is recommended not brushing teeth immediately after meals and drinks. You must avoid immediate brushing of teeth, especially if you have eaten lot of acid like citrus fruits, tomatoes and fizzy drinks. The harsh action of brushing can cause the acid to attack the tooth enamel and the layer underneath. You must wait for at least half an hour after eating.

  1. Eat more calories to lose weight

This sounds absolutely weird as you might have heard that for losing weight you need to burn calories, but here it is said to consume more calories. If you eat carbohydrates then it in their own may do nothing but spike your blood sugar, leaving you even hungrier than before. Adding proteins and fats like peanut butter and cheese will increase the calorie count of your meal, but will help you get full more quickly and stay satisfied for longer, which will lead to ingesting fewer calories in the long run.

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