List of Spices to Avoid When Suffering From Cold and Sore Throat

October 30, 2018

If you are suffering from cold and sore throat then here are list of spices that you need to quite immediately. These foods, when consumed while suffering from a sore throat, can even make your condition worse, delaying or reversing the action of your medicines and other soothing treatments. Now let us look at some of these spices, fruits and vegetables that you should stay away from, when you are suffering from a sore throat.

  1. Amchoor: While this dried mango spice might have been your go-to for adding flavor in many dishes, you should avoid its usage when you’re suffering from a sore throat. The slightly sour and tangy spice can worsen the pain in your throat, as is true for a number of other sour foods.
  2. Anardana Powder: The powder made from dried pomegranate seeds is also slightly tangy and sour to taste and is used in a number of Indian dishes. It’s also available for consumption as little spherical candies or golis, which can also worsen the condition of your throat, when consumed during winters.
  3. Chaat Masala:This spice mix is commonly used for fruit chaats and is added to a number of other dishes across the country. The mix contains amchur and hence, is also bad for the throat.
  4. Tamarind Powder:Added to a number of accompaniments and South and North Indian dishes, the dried tamarind powder and tamarind juice should both be avoided when you’re suffering from a sore throat.


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