List Of Fruits That Every Women Should Include In Her Diet

September 5, 2018

Women take care of their family so well that sometimes they forget about their health. So in this post, today, we will discuss some of the fruits that every woman should eat.


It provides 228.3 grams of vitamin C in just 100 grams of serving as per the United States Department of Agriculture nutrition chart. There are many health benefits offered by this fruit. It helps improve blood sugar levels and reduces insulin resistance. Guava is also known to reduce the intensity of the pain during menstrual cramps. You must eat this fruit to improve mental health, eye sight, complexion and metabolism.


Eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away as it is rich in pectin fibre, which is known to help lower the body’s absorption of excess dietary fats.

This fruit is also well known for keeping satiated and prevents you from bingeing on other fattening and sugar-laden foods. It also aids in weight loss. If you include apple in daily diet then it helps in keeping heart-related issues at bay. It is studied that women who regularly ate apples were found to have a 13 to 22 percent lower risk of coronary disease than those who didn’t bite into the crunchy fruit.


Avocados are not only pleasing to taste buds; they can be a woman’s best friend too. It is packed with healthy monounsaturated fats that can help lower LDL cholesterol and soothe a growling tummy.


Cherries are known to combat several health problems that are common in middle age like gout and arthritis. It is a rich source of antioxidant anthocyanin that boosts energy. You must eat a dozen cherries or drink a glass of unsweetened juice three or four times a week.

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