List of Four Most Trending Businesses That You Can Start with Minimum Investment

February 24, 2018

At present, the aspiring young people across the country are devising new business plans, on the lookout of amassing quick money.  Of course, business is a journey that requires considerable hard work.  India’s growing economy paves a great way for many business opportunities.  People are always in search of business with minimal investment. However, with India’s rising economy, there are many prospects when one can start business. Recently Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a Standup India Programme, which was successfully inaugurated in Mumbai. In addition, the Finance Minister Arun Jaitely has promised the startups that connected with banking system, making the available resources. These indicate the relevance of new business opportunities in the business world.

A few Business ideas with minimal finance:

  1. Property Management:

Property management is a lucrative business in India.  It can be initiated with a start up of Rs. 50,000/- In this venture, setting up of an office is a requisite factor. An office serves documentation procedures and it saves time.   Sales and marketing skills are essentially required so as to be successful in this venture.  Property management generally involves the managing of property, owned by another entity. The manager acts on behalf of the owner to safeguard the value of the property while generating profits. Good income can be generated through this business. This is a leading business in India.

  1. Wedding Planning:

Wedding Planning is yet another business idea with the same investment range.  Today, wedding ceremonies are flourishing in India on grand scales.  When celebrators have little time to properly look after to its all aspects, where Wedding planners play their roles.  They properly manage everything with their creativity in this domain.  The planners can obtain almost 15% of profit.  The status and profit is depended on the quality of projects obtained.  This is a winning business not only in India, but also in abroad.

  1. Stock Market Trading

People so interestingly go for trading and investing in stock market. Obviously, their main motive is to have a good return from the trade that they have made. To achieve this aim, the trader should always try to adopt a good method where he can ensure himself of getting good returns from the market. If he can find stock market concepts, he can come to know the tips and tricks behind trading in the stock market.  A good research is something valuable, without which one can never dream of becoming successful in his trade. It is very important that one trader should understand the different concepts and trends of the stock market. Also, he should be able to keep himself updated by going through the Sensex, Nifty etc, then there is no reason why he can’t be successful in the market and bring in huge profits.

  1. Bus Service Website

Bus Service is a business idea that may required at least an investment of Rs. 2.00 Lac. If a person knows well the intercity and interstate bus routes with this investment capacity, he can generate good profit.  Bus service website is considered as a good business opportunity.  Through the website, you can get the information with regard to the ticket rates and the channels for booking them. Good IT skills to be a requisite factor for its success.

Moving on this track, you can earn fat profits and be the successful businessman.

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By: Neha Singh

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