March 9, 2018

Before you rush out the door, go through our list and make sure you have everything you need.

  1. Emergency kit

Carry all possible medicines you might need for a headache, indigestion, stomach ache, foot ache, gum ache everything.

  1. Essentials

These are the items you MUST have on you at all times and in your hand luggage. Do not leave without these items at any cost. Here’s the list:  Passport, jacket, long sleeve t-shirt, sanitizer, pepper spray, wallet, tickets, sunscreen, an extra pair of glasses/contacts whatever you might use, umbrella, cash, card, refillable water bottle, portable hotspot, chargers, adapters and your emergency kit.

  1. Damage control

A few things to keep in handy in case of rips, tears or cracks. A sewing kit, safety pins, and duct tape. Keep these handy and you should be able to handle any unfortunate accidents, well mostly.

  1. Books

If you love to read then do not forget your books at home.

  1. Physical Map 

Using a physical map might help you when you are running out of battery.

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By: Neha Singh

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