Khan Sisters Clashes With Deepak, Nehha And Surbhi Rana

October 4, 2018

Yesterday’s show was all about the vichitra Jodi, Saba and Somi, as they had ugly spat with three contestants. This time what has hit the headlines is an ugly spat between contestants Nehha Pendse and Saba sisters. Saba accused Nehha of getting physical with her and hurting her purposely.

Khan sisters participated in chain of fights that took place yesterday. The housemates are currently doing the luxury budget task in order to win the luxury budget as well as the captaincy of the house.

While doing the task, Nehha unknowingly hits Saba multiple times which makes Saba furious and she says that she wants to talk to Bigg Boss as she is not here to get hit by others. Nehha remains unapologetic and it certainly would be interesting to see what happens ultimately when a fight between them takes an ugly turn.

And, as if this fight was not enough, one more spat starts between Surbhi and Somi when she comes to the latter and tells her that she shouldn’t have sworn on her mother during a fight. Somi gets upset with Surbhi and asks her not to interfere in her personal matter.

Just like tonight’s looks like tomorrow’s episode is also going to be a fun ride. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.


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