Kangana Ranaut birthday: special resolutions of Queen at her 31st birthday

March 23, 2018

Kangana Ranaut turn 31 today and she is celebrating her birthday in Manali at her new home with family. She took a break from work for a week and spending some quality time with her family and friends. On her birthday, she has planted 31 trees around her newly built bungalow in Manali. Apart from the 31 trees, she has a desire to grow kiwis, cherries, apricots, and apples in her backyard.

Kangana’s sister Rangoli shared a pic of Kangana planting trees in her home on her birthday. Dressed in track pants and sweatshirt, Kangana is happily planting new sapling in the picture. Rangoli captioned the picture, “On her birthday our little Queen gifts herself a greener planet. May you live long and live a beautiful life”.

Kangana got the love for gardening in legacy from her mother. She said, “My mamma always maintained a kitchen garden where we would grow vegetables and apples. I have always had fresh veggies from there. But I realized my love for gardening only now. I like to eat organic food and I love getting my shoes and hands dirty while digging the soil and planting trees. It takes an hour every day and is tiring, but it’s also a stress buster.”

Kangana also presented a piano herself as her birthday gift and is taking lessons. The Queen actress revealed that she was always wanted to learn piano and this is high time. She also said that she is a fan of classic music and loves to attend such concerts.

When asking about her plans for the year, Kangana said, “As you get into your 30s, there is a shift in your personality. The things you really want to become clear to you. Besides professional growth, I want to grow in the personal space, too. I want to improve my personality, learn many other things, and be the woman I’ve always wanted to be.” She added, “I am halfway there, but I can do so much better. As an actor, you are either in your character or studying other people — you hardly get time to be yourself. This is the time I want to do all that.”

By: Anurag Panchal

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